About Me

Jon, age 22, Eagle Scout, Hiker, camper, backpacker, and adventurer.
I am enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale

Current Residence: Franklin, North Carolina

Music: A Day to Remember, Underoath, Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice and Men, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, The Devil Wears Prada,

I used to live in Florida and really loved it there. But, like any place on earth, it doesn’t have everything and thus I moved to the Appalachian Trail area of North Carolina. I like adventure: hiking, backpacking, and canoeing and camping (real camping, not that “bring my macbook, Canon/Kodak and cell phone” kind of hipster shit). This is a blog about nature.

No photos are mine unless I claim them.

Click here for my face.



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